The following terms and conditions apply to all persons participating in  SCMP’s online public auction including Bidders, potential Bidders and eventual Buyers of Item(s). For ease of reference  such persons are referred to as “Bidders” or “you”.

Definitions and Glossary is set out at the end of these Terms and Conditions. Words and phrases printed in italics in these Terms and Conditions are  set out in the  Definitions and Glossary below. The Glossary defines  general legal terms used herein.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read all relevant terms and conditions before bidding . By submitting your bid , you acknowledge that that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions


In its role as auctioneer of Items(s), SCMP is authorised by the Seller to act solely for and on behalf of the Seller and SCMPs’ role is to sell the Item(s)  at the highest bidding price obtainable at the Auction to a Bidder. SCMP does not act for Buyers or Bidders in this role and no advice or representation is given to Buyers or Bidders. 

SCMP reserves the rights at its sole discretion to cancel and/or withdraw Item(s) for sale at any moment during the bidding process with or without notification.


Each Item(s) is offered for sale by the respective Seller to the Buyer   corresponding only with: (i) the Description and (ii)  save and except as described no warranty or representation (expressed or implied) is given by the Seller or SCMP as to the merchantability, quality, suitability or fitness for any particular purposes ( irrespective of any course of dealing, custom or usage).  


If you are a new Bidder at SCMP or have not recently updated your registration/login details with us, You must login to bid at shop.scmp.com before placing a bid. 

You will be required to provide your name and contact information for registration/login before bidding.  

SCMP reserves the rights at its sole discretion to request further information in order to complete identification and to decline to register any person as a Bidder, and to decline to accept their bids if they have been so registered.

Unless otherwise specified, you must be over the age of 18 to bid in any Auction. By registering and bidding you confirm that you are at least age 18 or above. In no circumstances may you, or any other person on your behalf, bid on items which have been consigned by you for sale.

You must keep your account registration/login strictly confidential and must not permit any third party to use or access your account.


So long as you have registered and login to bid and your account is in order, you will be able to place bids on Item(s) during the bidding period indicated, either by placing your next bid using the increments indicated or by placing a maximum bid to indicate the most you would be prepared to bid.  If you leave a maximum bid, the system will automatically place incremental bids on your behalf in response to other bids, until either there are no other bids or your maximum bid has been reached.

If you attempt to place a bid which is lower than another bid already placed for that Item(s) then your bid will be rejected and you will be offered the opportunity to place a higher bid.

We will endeavour to email you in the event you are outbid, but you are advised to monitor your bids throughout the Auction.

The time at which bidding shall close for each Item(s) will be indicated. We will endeavour to email you warning that Item(s) Closing is due  on which you have been outbid but you are advised to monitor Item(s) in which you are interested throughout the Auction.

No bids will be accepted after closing of Item(s) auction

The Buyer of an Item(s) will not be allowed to collect it until payment in full and in cleared funds has been made (unless SCMP has made a special arrangement with the Buyer).

Payment should be completed online at shop.scmp.com within 48 hours after bidding closed.


SCMP will not be liable for service delays, interruptions or other failures to make a bid caused by losses of internet connection, fault or failure with the website or bidding process, or malfunction of any software or system, computer or mobile device.



The Winning Bid Price payable by the Buyer is exclusive of any goods or service tax or other Tax (whether imposed by Hong Kong or otherwise). If any such Tax was to be paid under Hong Kong laws or any other laws, the Buyer shall be solely responsible to pay such Tax and at the rate and time as required by the relevant law or if such Tax is to be paid by SCMP, we may add such Tax to the Winning Bid Price.

It is your responsibility to pay any other sales, use taxes, or customs duties due on the purchase, export or import of the Item(s) following purchase.


It is of critical importance that you ensure that you have readily available funds to pay the Winning Purchase Price (including any applicable taxes and any other charges to SCMP) in full before making a bid for the Item(s). If you are a successful Bidder, payment will be due at checkout and should be completed online at shop.scmp.com within 48 hours after bidding closed, (unless other arrangements with SCMP are made). 

SCMP's preferred payment method is paying online at shop.scmp.com via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) for faster processing.

It may be advisable to notify your card provider of your intended purchase in advance to reduce delays caused by us having to seek authority when you  pay. If you have any questions with regard to payment, please contact us at ordersupport@scmp.com

For bank transfer: you may electronically transfer funds to our bank account. 

Bank : HSBC

Address :Head Office

1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Account Name:  South China Morning Post Publishers Limited. 

Client A/C Account Number: 004-567-602032-001


Bank Account Type:  Current Account

If paying by bank transfer, the amount received after the deduction of any bank fees and/or conversion of the currency of payment to Hong Kong dollars must not be less than the Hong Kong dollars amount payable.

SCMP reserves the rights to investigate and identify the source of any funds received by us, to postpone completion of the sale of any Item(s) at its sole discretion while it complete the investigations, and to cancel the sale of any Item(s), or consider that such sale would be unlawful or otherwise causing liabilities to SCMP, or would be detrimental to SCMP’s reputation.

SCMP reserves the right to amend, revise, or update the terms of payment at any time.


SCMP will arrange shipment of the Item(s) to the winning Bidder based on the registration address. Please allow 3 to 6 business weeks for shipping.  International shipping charges will apply. Framing service will not be available for international orders and shipping.  For international shipping issues, please contact us at ordersupport@scmp.com

for additional information.  


It is your sole responsibility to comply with all Hong Kong export and overseas import regulations relating to your purchases and also to obtain any relevant export and/or import licence(s).

The need for export and import licences varies from country to country and you should acquaint yourself with all relevant local requirements and provisions. The refusal of any import or export licence(s) or any delay in obtaining such licence(s) will not permit the rescission of any sale nor allow any delay in making full payment for the Item(s).


Buyers are advised to check the regulations applicable to Hong Kong exportation and overseas importation when exporting any goods from Hong Kong to the place of importation. 


Where we obtain any personal information about you, we shall only use it in accordance with the terms of SCMP Privacy Policy https://www.scmp.com/privacy-policy (subject to any additional specific consent(s) you may have given at the time your information was disclosed).  By providing your personal information and/or bidding at the Auction , you acknowledged that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by SCMP’s Privacy Policy


The following Definitions and Glossary are incorporated in these Terms and Conditions. The following words and phrases  have (unless the context otherwise requires) the meanings given to them below.


“Auction”: the Online Sale at which Item(s) is offered for sale by SCMP.

“Bidder”: Any person considering, attempting or making a Bid, including those who have otherwise registered to bid.

“Business” includes any trade, Business and profession.

“Buyer”: the Bidder who has placed the highest bid at the closing of the Item(s) during the Online Sale process. 

“Description”: any statement or representation in any way descriptive of the Item(s), including any statement or representation relating to it

“Hong Kong”: the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

“Hammer Price”: the price in the currency in which the sale is conducted at which a Lot is knocked down by the Online Sale to the successful Bidder.

“Item(s)”: any item with a view to its Sale by Online Sale (and reference to any Item(s) will include, unless the context otherwise requires, reference to individual items comprised in a group of  two or more items offered for sale)

“Online Sale”: a public auction arranged and conducted by SCMP at which  bids for items to be sold are submitted by online electronic means.

“SCMP”: South China Morning Post Publishers Limited

“Seller”: the person who offers the Item(s) for sale.

“Tax”: means all taxes, charges, duties, imposts, fees, levies or other assessments, and all estimated payments thereof including without limitation income, business profits, branch profits, excise, property, sales, use, value added (VAT), environmental, franchise, customs, import, payroll, transfer, gross receipts, withholding, social security, unemployment taxes, as well as stamp duties and other costs, imposed by the Hong Kong government and other relevant relevant authorities of other jurisdictions applicable from time time and any interest and penalty relating to such taxes, charges, fees, levies or other assessments.

“VAT”: value added tax at the prevailing rate at the date of the sale in the United Kingdom.


How many Harry Harrison’s original cartoons are available? What are the minimum bid prices?

For this auction, there will be a total of  6 original Harry Harrison “year of the tiger” theme cartoons available for bid. The minimum starting bid is HK$2,022 per cartoon with HK$200 minimum increment per bid.

How to make a bid?

First, it would be best to register and login to place a bid for the cartoons during the auction period.  

You can either place a bid directly by clicking “Place a Bid” ($200 minimum increment each bid). You will be prompted to login and register if you have not done so. 

In addition, you can place an “automatic bid” for the highest price you can offer.. The system will place a new bid following the bid increment every time another bidder places a higher bid until the price goes over the highest bid price you entered  (You will then be notified with the outbid notifications) and you will be offered the opportunity to place a higher bid.

Please note, no bids will be accepted after the auction closing.

Is there any limit to the number of bids?

No, you may be as many times as you want within the auction period.

What to do if I have any issues with login and registration?

You can directly contact us at ordersupport@scmp.com to assist you.

How to pay for the original cartoons after winning the bid?

SCMP's preferred payment method is paying online at shop.scmp.com via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) for faster processing.

How do bidders know if they have made a successful bid?

SCMP will notify the successful winning bidder by email after the auction period has ended.

How to collect the Harry Harrison original cartoons?

SCMP will arrange shipping locally in HK.  Please allow 3 to 6 business weeks for shipping.  International shipping charges will apply.  Framing service will not be available for international orders and shipping.  For international shipping, please contact our customer service for additional information and direction.