SCMP launches Post Portraits

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SCMP launches Post Portraits

The South China Morning Post is thrilled to present Post Portraits, a compendium of 125 archival photographs taken by our very own photographers over the past 25 years that tell the nuanced and multifaceted story of Hong Kong. 

Post Portraits will be launched on The Store by the South China Morning Post, a dedicated shop site by SCMP for SCMP readers who share an affinity for Hong Kong history, art, print photography, archival content, memorabilia, publications and collectibles. In celebration of this exciting line of offering, the Post will gift the first 500 patrons of Post Portraits with a special HK25 Moments NFT inspired by the archival collection of SCMP’s photojournalism in the past quarter century.


"Every memorable photo in this book is part of Hong Kong's remarkable story and has a tale of its own to tell. It's a good time for us to embark upon a voyage of rediscovery of all the magic and wonder that happened over the past 25 years at this place where many of us call home."

Bernard Chan

Former Executive Council convenor and M+ Museum chairman


The palest ink is better than the strongest memory", as the Chinese observation on historical documentation rightly maintains. Much has happened in the last twenty-five years in Hong Kong; as contemporary events gradually recede from recent memory, and become another part of the local past, creation of a solid record is vitally important, as an important resource for the future. News photographs - visually exciting and compelling as they may be - offer far more to future historians than merely visual counterpoints to the story they accompany. What an individual photographer chose to record, at that particular instant, creates another historical document for future historians to explore - all are of lasting value. This wonderfully illustrated new work continues this documentary tradition, richly deserves a place on any bookshelf, and will undoubtedly become an important archival record of momentous times of transformation and resurgence in Hong Kong."

Jason Wordie

Hong Kong historian and writer


“Post Portraits gives readers a ringside seat to the evolution of Hong Kong since the 1997, when the British colonial masters departed, and as Hong Kong was returned to the sovereignty of China. The book vividly captures the challenges of administering a political construct, familiarly described as “One country two systems”, which is in many ways the first such mechanism of its kind. Post Portraits gives a rich insight into how Hong Kongers navigate this journey, which at times throws up economical challenges; at other, enters into politically uncharted waters. Here you will find testimony of the resilience of Hong Kong people to make their way in whatever difficult circumstances they face. Since 1997, Hong Kong has overcome not only its own doubts, but SARS in 2003, the worldwide financial crisis in 2008, and its own recent social turmoil. Post Portraits, its images together with their well-written captions, shows Hong Kong’s unmatched vitality that will serve its people well into the 21st century.”

Liu Heung Shing

Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, Author and Founder of Shanghai Center of Photography


"A comprehensive photo-book about Hong Kong's history to date, and a must-have for anyone who has made Hong Kong their home in the last 25 years."

Sarah Greene

Founder of Blue Lotus Gallery


“A unique collection of photographs to celebrate this magical city. Authentically captured, these stunning memories share the story of our ever-evolving home, Hong Kong.”

Madelon de Grave

Founder of Bamboo Scenes



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